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December 13, 2013
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::RD:: Haruka Matsumoto by circuszombie ::RD:: Haruka Matsumoto by circuszombie
for :iconrabbito-dauto: ….im sorry //bangs head against a wall

Name: Haruka Matsumoto (春花 松本) (she was nicknamed as Haru)

Alias: Friday (she picked it up from the day she joined the game)


Birthday:  July the 9th

Gender: Female 

Weapon Choice: Scythe. It seemed quite old, but she didn't mind, seeing it as a useful tool. She found it quite fast as she has joined the game. It has yet to be used in her hands.

Opinion On What Is Happening:  She's scared, obviously. Like any other person, scared for her life as well as what will happen in the future.  Though she also has a rush of excitement in her over this.


Family: She has distant relationships with her parents, and used to have a close relationship with her sister until she married.
Ryuto: Not very close, they just got to meet.
Hibiki: She has some slight trust issues with this guy, and really unsure if he's trust worthy.
Rieko: She's nearing a closer relationship with her! Haruka trusts her and really doesn't want to get on her bad side, and constantly calling her senpai.
(please tell me if i forgot someone!)

Personality:  Kind | Friendly | Helpful | Seemingly innocent | Sadistic | Cruel | Breakable

Even though this little girl must seem like an innocent and nice princess, she has more depth to it than that. From her childhood and growth her reality has been shaped differently than others, and therefore stands out from others in multiple ways. Most of the time she's like any other girl around her age, happy and friendly. Though she had triggers that causes her to break, showing off her cruel and cold self. If you are a close friend of her's, she wouldn't abandon you. If she doesn't like you, be careful so she won't "accidentally" harm you. But despite her personality twists, she will always be helpful. Through times of live and death, as well as safe times, you can always count on her for a helping hand.

Likes/ Dislikes: 

+ her glasses
+ her sister
+ child songs (she sings 'twinkle twinkle little star' by herself at times, she finds it comforting)
+ pretty scenery

- people who don't like her (she wouldn't waste her breath trying to talk them into safety or anything)
- boundary
- being the third wheel

History: Haruka was born into quite a normal family. She had two regular parents and a sister who was 15 years older than her. She and her sister instantly grew a close relationship, due to her sister having a huge obsession about her treasured gem. Haruka grew up looking up to her sister, and actually tried to be with her most of the time. Her sister, Chigusa, was quite a popular girl at her school. Though with all this seeming perfection, she was in an abusive relationship. It was easy to hide any bruises from her parents, but her little sister always grew curious. Chigusa always tried to tell Haruka to be cautious of love, but obviously the little girl had no idea what that meant. She didn't truly understand until one day when she witnessed her sister crying over the phone because her boyfriend was yelling at her. A sort of distance grew between the sisters. Chigusa's boyfriend start coming over more often, and Haruka was usually forbidden to bother them then. 

At school she had problems getting friends, though everyone were nice to her. She didn't have interest in talking to them. She was often mistaken as shy because of this, though she wasn't. She never had any crushes, not after her sister's warnings. She wasn't social like her sister, but she did try her best to look like her. 

One day a boy was talking about something he had read on the news, things about a wife not being able to divorce her abusive husband. Haruka was triggered from the things she had seen happen to her sister, she told him to shut up. Or well.. She said it with a fist. The boy was beat up, it was quite odd to see. No one had thought of it. Haruka was expelled for a week after that.

A year after, her sister announced she was gonna get married. Bruises had disappeared and it appeared that her sister's now fiancée was less aggressive. Haruka didn't like the thought of her sister moving away, though it all happened very fast. Her sister had started moving into an apartment with her fiancée, leaving Haruka devastated. As comfort words, Chigusa said "You can be my bridesmaid!" 

A few weeks after, on a friday, Haruka had stayed sad. She had started skipping school and she didn't talk. Her parents were out of the picture. It was raining and very cloudy, and she got a text message.

Rabbit doubt


- She is a respectful child, and it's natural to call people she like "[name]-senpai" or just "senpai"
- Her vision is quite poor, she's at -4.50 on both eyes
- She's a backstabber
- She's average height for her age
- She wouldn't hesitate to kill anything if she doesn't take interest in what it is.
- She has a pink Fujitsu phone
- Sometimes when she's lonely, she'd scroll through pictures of her and her sister from older times
- Only people she's close to in the game know her real name.

RP METHODS: notes, Skype, comments
please feel free to ask for rp! quq

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